Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We've had some requests on buying our drusy. We eventually hope to have a website cataloging every piece that is available for sale. As for now, we sell on ebay through ebay ids: mo3fan and rocknutt459. We also have some listed on http://www.blujay.com/mo3fan

Sunday, November 2, 2008

2008 Rolla Rural Fire Department Haunted House

Kristine, Joe and Mom

Ed and Brittany

Dinner Room - This room was set up with stuffed "dummies", then there was some empty chairs where we had others dress as dummies. It was a lot of fun.

Spider purchased from a party store, then set up on a pneumatic prop that was motion activated.

A static prop in the spider room

Grim Reaper in the Cemetary

My first beloved tombstone

We are finally done with this year's Rolla Rural Fire Department Haunted House. Well........except for cleanup! We didn't do as many people as we expected, but we had tons of comments that we did even better than last year and lots of comments that it was the best. There was a total of 4 haunted houses in the Rolla area this year, I hope they all did well!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Missouri Creek on the neigboring property

I have just always loved this creek, to me it's very typical of some terrific Missouri Ozarks scenery.

An Awesome Cave

This is a cave in Missouri that we checked out for some arrowheads. We of course had to explore the cave a bit. No one has been it for about 15 years that we know of, the area used to be used for a kids camp. The opening is now covered by fallen trees. You can see the years of mud flow into it, but a smaller cave with lots of character. Sad thing is, all the years of kids have broken off many of the stalagtites and such.

There is no trash in the cave thankfully except one soda can from the early 80s. There is some writing on the cave ceiling and walls, but not bad, I wiped a bit off, so luckily it hasn't been trashed.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More stuff from the Brushy Creek Mine in the Viburnum Trend. I love the tiny calcite crystals on this piece.

We haven't posted in awhile, lots of new stuff to add and we've been getting lucky where a good friend has been giving us some great specimens from the Brushy Creek Mine out of the Viburnum trend.

So will post some of those! And some are available for sale as I have quite a bit now, so just drop us a line.

This is a piece from the Brushy Creek Mine out of the Viburnum Trend. It has pyrite and dolomite. It's a gorgeous piece.

Smaller piece of the same stuff.

Here's a standard piece of straight galena. I don't have a scale here, but this little cube is close to a pound if not over it.

This is some terrific calcite crystals with pyrite, dolomite, galena and I believe some sphalerite.

Hope you enjoy. Will get some more posted here in a bit.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Back from Show

I will be posting pictures shortly, but we just got back from our very first rock show as a vendor. We had a blast! We sold a ton of our drusy and made a lot of new friends. The vendors were just really great people.
I will start working on some pictures to post here soon.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Botryoidal drusy and more

This is hematite after pyrite on the drusy in the photo above.

The sun isn't being very cooperative today, so took a few pictures anyways. These pieces have tons of sparkle, hopefully the sun will get more cooperative in the days to come and get some better pictures!

More finds from May 25, 2008.

Sun popped out for a few minutes today. This is a piece that was found May 25, 2008. I'll be adding some more pics as I take them today as these are some of our nicest finds. Some great botryoidal pieces that are practically flawless. This piece is especially nice as it's so large.