Monday, May 11, 2009

Drusy Quartz

Ok finally a few pictures for the drusy quartz people. This blog started out just for the rocks, but it's turned into just a general blog. We've been bummed as we just haven't had time to go get our drusy or clean/organize what we have here. It's rained 5 out of 7 days for the last month or so. Where we go to hunt this stuff, gets pretty nasty in that red clay when its rained a lot. We got 5 inches in one day...........

Start of a new 1971 Chevy

I've owned a 1971 Chevy truck for yeeeears. It's had some engine short, it needs another one.
Now that we have dad's 40 international running and all it needs is paint and interior was time to get mine going.
I will try to be religous in getting pictures of the upcoming work.
Here is one evenings work already.

Ed showed up in the driveway with this in the bed of the truck. He even paid money for it. He was all excited.........I told him it's hard to get excited about something that looks like this.

He even paid money for it!
So, it took an entire night, Ed stayed up til around 11 pm, but he got it stripped down to the block. The block is now at an engine shop. We aren't using much of anything else from it. It's out of an old impala that caught fire last year around Rolla. It's starting to look a bit better........

400 small block. Ed wants to paint the block black, I say chevy orange. He is building the His goal is to get about 500 horsepower out of this thing. We are using the starter from it as it tested good. So I polished up the aluminum part and Ed painted parts of it black. I don't have pics of the starter, not really anything exciting.

Quilted Totebag John Deere STyle!

I had been wanting to do something with John Deere material for awhile. I had planned on making a rag quilt, but really want to make some totebags for farmer's markets. They are fun to make.
I don't like copying patterns and then trying to sell things. So had to make one from my head. Pretty basic, common style, but as I make them, I start throwing in my own thing. With my love for quilting and need to keep practicing..........these are of course quilted!
Here's the proto type!
Here's the's a simple John Deer fabric, but I like the fact it has a vintage style to it.

Farmers Market 2009

St. James Farmer's Market. First Friday of May. I do these markets each Friday........well hope to. The first one was fair weather, it rained a bit when we first got there, then that was it. The second Friday, well, big storms with 70 mph winds, I stayed about an hour and saw what was coming and headed to the fire house.
I'll mostly be selling my soy candles and my sewing stuff there. I have tons of jewelry that I've made that I'd like to clear out and we take small pieces of drusy quartz there. My mom goes and sells her homemade butter and my eggs.

I'm doing a bunch of posts at the same time. We just don't have much time anymore. We work in the garden, we are working and I'm sewing. I currently have a pile of shirts that each need 5 patches sewn on them, some other officer uniforms to sew patches on and hem and I'm currently working on a large order of dog bandanas for a pet rescue reunion in the state of Washington. I've managed to squeeze in some a few other sewing projects though!

Looking east from our farmer's market area. We are right off of I44.
Some of our vendors. I didn't take a picture of my stand............

Another one of Ed's huge Table Rock Bass

Ed was starting to wonder if we could ever catch big bass on Table Rock. Last year he caught one a bit smaller. Thankfully, our luck started changing after this lunker!

Just a scenic view in the Branson area.

Fishing tournament 2009

Ed and I were in the Bass Fishing tournament put on by the Missouri State Water Patrol for our second year. We caught a lot of fish, but only 2 measured up for weigh in, but we let them ago and loaded the boat instead of weighing in. It was the first tournament I'd ever been in that I didn't win anything, no side prizes or anything! We had fun though. We spent 5 days in Branson and I think it rained all of them. We managed to get dad's grass mowed there so the neighbors wouldn't start yelling!

New Quilt

I don't have a name for this one. It's made using vintage fabric, some newer fabric and some stuff that may be around 10 years old. Pretty neat huh?

The maroon shade is from my friend Barbara, she thinks she's had it around 10 years. The darker green is from her as well, I didn't ask, but probably from Kathy at Uniquely Yours. The lighter green I picked up at an estate sale. I know the person that sewed, did a lot of sewing in the late 60s and early 70s, so will assume the fabrics are from around that time.

Hope you enjoy. I'm up in the air whether this quilt will be hung in my house or go up for sale. It's a little small to be a lap quilt I think.