Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Shari, a wonderful friend of mine has been helping me a lot and doing a lot of work. She has started both of the store's websites and they are up and running. We still have lots more to add to the scrub site, but it will be done.

http://www.missouriscubadive.com/ for our information on scuba diving classes

http://www.scrubsncandles.com/ This one is actually working where the buy it nows are at, still have to work on the patch/badge page and need to add more scrubs! But Shari has worked on it for awhile, she's doing great and doesn't gripe much when I work her to death!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Quilt I'm working on

I am not good at naming quilts. At this point I'd have to name it Thank you Barbara. A wonderful neighbor of mine gave me some fabulous batik fabric and alot more, so I started working on this one yesterday. I still need to get some batting and haven't decided on the backing yet or how I will actually quilt this one, but the blocks are just about done!

I hadn't planned on incorporating embroidery into it. While I was going through the fabrics debating on what to do, I let the embroidery machine do a stitch out on a rose with some varigated thread Ed picked out for me. Then when I saw the rose I fell in love and decided it was going into this quilt!