Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One of my new projects, not necessarily an adventure......but once I get off my butt, will be posting some things on etsy. You will start seeing how adverse we really are! This is one of the first projects I've had time to do where I got to combine sewing and embroidery. My mom swiped this for herself about 2 minutes after the pictures were taken.

1200 watt wind turbine

It works! After several trials and obtaining a snorkel lift, the wind turbine will charge a battery. No electricity from any outside source, just wind powered! This one is approximately 30 feet tall. Ed had to dress it up so he went with chrome tread plate for the motor cover and tail fin. It's kind of blinding when the sun is just right. He picked one of the colder days of the year to work on the thing too, but thats Ed!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I have a video of it posted on youtube.
Here is the windmill. This test wind turbine was put up on the property around 2am today. We are already reworking the blades some.


I've been lax on posting. And no new rock pictures, I really need to get busy with some pictures.
I've had some questions on what to do with rocks besides landscaping.
Visit There is a ton of wonderful people there that can help with polishing, cabbing, and tons of other things. I'll help with what I know, but the majority, I learned from the people on that website.

In the last week, Ed has been working on a windmill. He's actually been planning this for a long time. The prototype was put up tonight........well, this morning at about 1am. It's short, but looks like a wind turbine. I'll get some pictures and hopefully a video of it spinning tomorrow.