Monday, May 11, 2009

Start of a new 1971 Chevy

I've owned a 1971 Chevy truck for yeeeears. It's had some engine short, it needs another one.
Now that we have dad's 40 international running and all it needs is paint and interior was time to get mine going.
I will try to be religous in getting pictures of the upcoming work.
Here is one evenings work already.

Ed showed up in the driveway with this in the bed of the truck. He even paid money for it. He was all excited.........I told him it's hard to get excited about something that looks like this.

He even paid money for it!
So, it took an entire night, Ed stayed up til around 11 pm, but he got it stripped down to the block. The block is now at an engine shop. We aren't using much of anything else from it. It's out of an old impala that caught fire last year around Rolla. It's starting to look a bit better........

400 small block. Ed wants to paint the block black, I say chevy orange. He is building the His goal is to get about 500 horsepower out of this thing. We are using the starter from it as it tested good. So I polished up the aluminum part and Ed painted parts of it black. I don't have pics of the starter, not really anything exciting.

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