Monday, May 11, 2009

Farmers Market 2009

St. James Farmer's Market. First Friday of May. I do these markets each Friday........well hope to. The first one was fair weather, it rained a bit when we first got there, then that was it. The second Friday, well, big storms with 70 mph winds, I stayed about an hour and saw what was coming and headed to the fire house.
I'll mostly be selling my soy candles and my sewing stuff there. I have tons of jewelry that I've made that I'd like to clear out and we take small pieces of drusy quartz there. My mom goes and sells her homemade butter and my eggs.

I'm doing a bunch of posts at the same time. We just don't have much time anymore. We work in the garden, we are working and I'm sewing. I currently have a pile of shirts that each need 5 patches sewn on them, some other officer uniforms to sew patches on and hem and I'm currently working on a large order of dog bandanas for a pet rescue reunion in the state of Washington. I've managed to squeeze in some a few other sewing projects though!

Looking east from our farmer's market area. We are right off of I44.
Some of our vendors. I didn't take a picture of my stand............

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