Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ed's Handmade Knives

A lot would think I'm biased. When it comes to the knives I'm not. I'm being honest. I hate cutting up raw meats, whether its wild meat or beef from the store. I used to think it was just a horrible job and the only people that could cut it was a butcher where they have some super spaced aged knife to cut it.

I guess I've always had cheap knives. A few years ago, I discovered fish filet knives were the best. But they lost their sharpness after several steaks. Then last year, Ed made some knives from old saw blades. I was battling these huge moose steaks and realized my fillet knife needed sharpened. Then I pulled out one of Ed's first ones. I was in shock. This knife has been used on 3 deer, I used to cut out the carpet in my sewing room and God knows what else. It hasn't been sharpened. It literally sliced these steaks like they were butter and these are raw pieces of meat. I have been using his knives for tomatoes a lot when I learned they cut like butter. I went and grabbed a tomato and yep, after cutting up the meat, it sliced through the tomato like butter as well. I can make paper thin slices on a tomato.

It has surprised me at the number of women that love the deer antler knives. But they've all thought..........well its for skinning deer, etc. Ladies..........these knives kick butt in the kitchen and I am on a throw away spree now. I will be down to about 3 cutting knives and 2 have a deer antler for the handle and one has the wooden handle.

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