Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Sewing Fleet

Kenmore 54 This is the newest addition to my sewing fleet. I bought this at an auction for $5. Brought it home, cleaned it, oiled it and it is a dream machine. It will become my primary quilting machine once I find a quilting foot for it.
Singer Ultra Lock. This was purchased at a garage sale for $35. It was brand new in the box, never been used. Noisy thing, but it does the job and I had been saving to buy a new one for around $250.
Brother 700 II Embroidery Machine. This poor thing has been used and used. It was ran daily for the first year of it's use, I haven't got to do as much embroidery lately as I'd like to so its been getting some breaks. I did pay full price for it, but it was worth it. Embroiders beautifully. It does have some mood swings, but it gets the job done.
Brother SE350. This is a combo embroidery and sewing machine. It is a refurbished machine I bought on ebay. The company was great as my first one had a computer related crash basically. I had owned it for 4 or 5 months when it happened. Sent them an email. I had a new on in 2 days with a shipping sticker to send the broke one back. Didn't cost me a thing. That was 2 years ago and this has by far been my primary sewing machine. It had to go to the shop once, but it was my fault when I tried forcing it to do something it didn't want to do and I got it out of time.

I actually have 3 more sewing machines. One is a Singer 99K I bought for $2. It works great, but having some tension issues, so will take it into the shop. it actually sits in the living room with some other antiques, but it does my denim quilts as its by far one of the toughest machines in the house.
I have another old Singer, but we fixed it up and am giving it to a friend of mine. Then we have an old Kenmore, older than my Kenmore 54. It's waiting for a cleaning and oiling. Then it may go up on ebay..........if only I could make some room for it.
Then I have a newer Kenmore, it's a great machine, but somewhere when cleaning my sewing room, its power cord was lost, so it's sitting in waiting right now!

I am always telling people that anyone can sew and you don't have to have a brand new expensive machine to do it. The 2 toughest machines in my house are the Singer 99k and the Kenmore 54, total invested into them is $7 They don't have the fancy stitches or cut the thread for you, but they are the most reliable ones sitting here.

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