Friday, October 23, 2009


I've had people ask me how auctions work as they've never been to one. I'm going to try to explain how auctions work around this area. Now, each auctioneer has their different styles, so this can vary.

Pretty much any auction, you get a bidder's number.
Auctioneer will start chattering his song and you bid. Some auctioneers are harder to understand than others, don't try to listen to everything......listen for the dollar amount, they will normally say one now two, only this is done fast.......just listen for the number. Once you are around an auctioneer a little bit, you will figure out what he's saying easily.

Here's where things can vary. You have the standard way of auctioning an item, they hold up an item and you bid on it. You may get a bargain, you may have to pay a lot for it. This allllllllllll depends on how many people at the auction want it and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Sometimes they will say choice on this table. I personally don't like this. Say there are 20 items on the table. They could range in value from $2 to $100. like the item that is worth about $40. They will bid.......and whoever the high bidder is, picks the item they want. sometimes they are allowed to take a second item for that same amount if they want. Then some auctioneers will allow the next highest bidder to pick an item for that high bid. Then, they bid again, next highest bidder gets to pick what they want.

One thing you have to pay attention to. If a ringman holds up 3 items, pay attention, if they say 3 times the money and you bid $5, then you just bought all 3 items for $15.00. If they say all for one money, then you get it all for the $5.

It's really not at all hard. Go to an auction and watch, you pick it up fast.

Something I am always shocked by is people that are really struggling for money and they are setting up a new apartment. They don't mind buying used, so they go to a yard sale and pay $150 for a couch. That couch new may be $800 or over $1000. I've been to many auctions where I could buy a couch television, bed for less than $200. You never know, it's worth going to some. You can get every dish you need to set up a basic kitchen (not matching) for less than $10.

If you live in Rolla Missouri or around this area, lots of great auctions. We have Flett auction company Huffman auction, Sellers auction company Lortz and many more. Pick up an adtracker go to and you can normally find some good auctions to go to. You don't have to spend a dime, just go and have some fun.

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