Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Metal detecting

Had a decent Veteran's day today. I closed the store and of course the other job is closed. Ed's dump truck broke down............again, so we did some scouting of areas to metal detect and maybe look for arrowheads.

First 2 pictures are of a tree we have tried to figure out if it's Indian or more natural. We still haven't decided. But it's pretty neat. There is another one like it in the vicinity, but it's a smaller oak. Then a mysterious pile of rocks just up from this tree...........nope, haven't figured them out. We found an area near the tree where the ground was indented and some rocks on top. So we hit it with the metal detector and started getting hits all around. After some digging couldn't find much. Then it hit near the edge of the rock area. We decided we were going to find it. It would hit, then it quit hitting, then it hit on some dirt we had pulled out. Long story short, the piece had been tossed around by us about 20 times until we realized it was this chunk of "dirt". It's lead and once we cleaned it, realized it's a off white.............old bullet maybe????

Found a 1984 penny in my mom's front yard......she didn't see me dig thankfully. Then found a nail and a chunk of foil.

We are trying to find out if we can my digital camera set up for a telescope recently given to us. It's a super nice telescope, so hoping we can post some cool pictures with it.

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