Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I've just learned of a bill about gun ownership. I'm just now reading on it, but in short, it want's all guns to be recorded, for us gun owners to get certain licenses, fingerprinted and so on. Here is one link to some information on it:
I still haven't found an actual copy of the bill itself. A lot of paranoia has been talked about with the new President taking away guns. I have no idea on this, but I do know, being an honest citizen, we should be able to keep our guns.
Most people that are killed by guns are either 1. killed by a criminal that has a gun who presently isn't allowed to own a gun already or 2. accidental shooting. Gun control laws couldn't have saved either one of them. Most states are offering or have mandatory gun safety classes.
If I find out more on the this bill, I will post it.
I am a reserve deputy (full time 8 years) who loves to sew, loves the outdoors and love America. I believe we have some problems and can only hope and pray that President Obama can help this country. I hope he doesn't take away our guns, I just find it frightening if that would ever happen.

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