Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sloooow time of year

It's become a bit scarier this year and for the most part, very real.
The store has been slower which means less income and it's going to be a struggle to pay the bills this month. I can't wait for the terrific St. James Farmer's Market to start. I visited with some people in Rolla today and thats all we talked about was when the farmer's market will start. The people are great there, vendors and buyers. My crafts typically sell very well and I hardly ever go home with eggs that my chickens have given me. This year Ed has decided we will be selling veggies as well, he's been working on the garden already when the temperatures and ground have allowed. He's trying to make room for 100 tomato plants.

We sold out of stethoscope covers at the store, so made a bunch more tonight and got some patches sewn on shirts for some area deputies.

Great wishes to all and anyone who's struggling like us, keep your head up!

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